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Tadpole Finance is a decentralized finance services for saving and lending

Earn interest from saving and lending using
Tadpole Finance protocols now!

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Let’s start saving and lending tokens in Tadpole Finance protocols

You can use the saving & lending platform at Currently, Tadpole smart contracts were deployed in the Binance Smart Chain network. You can save your BEP20 tokens and get interest or lend available BEP20 tokens you want while using another token as a collateral.

Circulating Supply of Tadpole token



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Tadpole Awesome

Join tadpole finance interesting programs
and breed more TAD tokens

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining program is the initial TAD
distribution that will be distributed to TEN holders.
To participate this program, you need to hold some
TEN tokens and stake them through tadpole finance.

DEX Liquidity Mining

DEX Liquidity Mining is a reward mechanism to
ensure the liquidity of TAD and the supporting tokens
are always maintained on decentralized exchanges.
You can get TAD token by staking Uniswap LP tokens.

Platform Liquidity Mining

Platform Liquidity Mining is a reward
program to motivate activities in Tadpole Finance.
In addition to saving interest, a number of TAD
is distributed to savers according to the size
of the savings portion.

Partners and Stakeholders